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Florence Awarded Best Questioner at Public Speaking Contest

Fantastic performance from our OA @MaddieHinch today! We couldn't be more proud. #Tokyo2020 #TeamGB #KCTsport - 16 hours ago

Earlier this month, three Fourth Form King's College pupils in the English Speaking Union Public Speaking Competition held at Queen's College.

The competition is for Key Stage 3 & 4 pupils (years 9-11) and challenges them to engage with wide-ranging cross-curricular topics, while helping to meet National Curriculum speaking and listening targets. It is the largest public speaking competition in England and Wales.

Kyla Stell, who was appointed head speaker, chose the topic 'The Motor Industry Must Go Green'. She gave a well-delivered five minute speech, responding with great confidence to questions raised by the audience and opposing team. Meanwhile, Max Cooper-Simpson took the role of chair, a brave decision considering the fact that he was a reserve. He managed to think on his feet and gave an excellent performance in spite of his lack of training.

Florence Cole was the questioner. Her calm and intelligent questions were exactly what the judges were looking for, and as a result she was presented with the Best Questioner award.

Commenting on her success, Florence said: “My English teacher, Mr Smith, has really inspired me to develop my English skills through debating. It has been interesting to develop my public speaking skills by taking part in debates, as well as by studying key texts in class such as The Crucible.”

She added: “During our scholars’ meetings, Mr Smith has introduced me to a wide range of current affairs topics and this has enabled me to feel confident with the debating topics. I enjoy the challenge of being unaware of what I will be questioning the speaker on before the debate, meaning I have to be quick-thinking to prepare structured questions. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and am looking forward to more debates in the future.”

Pupils at King’s take part in a number of debating events – some are house competitions, while others are external, including a number of ESU competitions. Public speaking is a vital life skill that our pupils will use throughout their academic careers and in their everyday lives.

Published on: Thursday, December 20, 2018

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