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Art Prize for Monica

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King’s College art student, Monica Y has been awarded the Independent Schools’ Mock Trial 2019-20 Court Artist Competition title.

In the Lent Term a group of pupils travelled to Southampton Combined Court to compete in the Independent Schools Mock Trial Competition.

Despite not progressing to the London final, the team gained an insight into this most fascinating of careers. Alongside this competition ran another, for budding sketch artists to capture the courtroom drama.

The Court Artist Competition is an individual entry competition that run alongside the Mock Trial competitions. Courtroom sketches are important. In most courts, cameras are not allowed in to respect privacy and prevent distraction. Journalists often rely on court sketches to report on trials. In real life, artists write brief notes about the hair, facial features, clothing and body language of the main players, before transferring the image to paper outside the courtroom. All drawing is done from memory, often very quickly. In the competition, young people will attend either a local heat or a regional heat and will be allowed to sketch inside the courtroom itself.

Commenting, the staff at Young Citizens said: “We really enjoyed your entry and were extremely impressed with the amount of background detail in your piece, along with the skill you displayed in capturing the expressions of those present, in a distinct style. The standard was really high this year so you should be very proud of yourself.”

Our Head of Art, Clare Schmidt, added: “Monica is a highly talented artist with a voracious appetite for learning. She has a particular interest in the figure and portraiture and her sketchbooks are full of wonderful drawings reflecting both her love of the subject and her natural talent. I am not at all surprised that Monica has won this prize – I am sure it will not be the only one.”

Take a look at the winning piece and also at some recent sketches created by Monica.

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