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Academic Enrichment Programmes

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For the remainder of the Summer Term, we have created two academic enrichment programmes for our Fifth Form and Upper Sixth pupils.

The Upper Sixth Programme – Preparation for University and Life After King’s

Our Upper Sixth have started cutting their teeth on undergraduate work this week.

A number of recent leavers and friends of the school have written ‘Undergraduate Micro-courses’ for our Upper Sixth pupils to work through. Designed to simulate the experience of being an undergraduate, these course provide about a week’s worth of first-year degree work. The subject choice is broad – from maths, biochemistry, drama, and anthropology, through to art, mechanical engineering, philosophy, and social policy. The aim is to provide our leavers with a good idea of what to expect when they head to university. Some might even reconsider their choice of subject!

Created by our Head of Sixth Form Mr Ridley, and Director of Development, Mr Mack, the programme on offer to our Upper Sixth also incorporates, for the last two weeks of term, a course based on career preparation, entrepreneurialism and personal development based around a series of interviews with inspirational people.

The idea is to seek advice, insights and interesting stories from our guests to help the pupils to think about the immediate future. After each interview pupils will be given a task to complete which relates to their personal development. We hope to cover elements like writing a good paragraph about yourself and developing a rich hinterland through hobbies and interests.

Commenting on the development of these courses, Mr Ridley said: “When we were considering programmes for our Upper Sixth after half term we consulted OAs, asking them what they would have liked to have done in advance of leaving King’s and of starting their new lives either at university or in the world of work.

“They came up with two ideas. The first was that they would like to have had a greater experience of undergraduate work, explaining that this would have helped them to make a success of their first terms at university. The second was that they would have liked to have gained a greater knowledge of how professional recruitment works and what they could do to prepare themselves for when they entered the jobs market.”

He added: “We already have a comprehensive careers provision. However, we believe the programme we have created will further assist our pupils to prepare for the next chapter in their lives.”

The Fifth Form Programme – Preparation for A Level Courses

Our Fifth Form pupils have also been engaged in their own enrichment programme, and will be following various pre-A level courses for the remainder of this term. These courses have been developed to give our soon-to-be Lower Sixth a flavour of what to expect from their chosen subjects, but also of what A level study is like.

Joining us, is our new member of staff, Head of Psychology, Dr Noyce, as well as a number of new pupils who will become Sixth Form pupils at King’s in September.

Alongside these lessons, the pupils have been tasked with writing research projects on titles such as ‘Is Amazon a Good Business?’; ‘The Harry Potter Books Preach Conservative Values.’ Do you agree?; Should we Reintroduce Wolves into Scotland?; and Space Travel: Is it a Waste of Money?

They have made a great start, finding their sources and building up cases on both sides of the argument. One pupil has handed his in already, keen to get his hands on one of the prizes for the best essays, no doubt.

The outbreak of Covid-19 has demanded creativity from everyone and we hope that these year groups, who have missed out on so much this year, will be able to enjoy some inspirational and highly developmental experiences even if they are at home.

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