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3D Printing PPE for Healthworkers

Head visors for NHS face sheilds

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One of our Sixth Form DT pupils, Will R has been incredibly busy since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Having already started working on a 3D print prototype door handle for Bournemouth Hospital – he has now been contributing to the national community project called The Big Print, whose aim is to create face shields for the NHS – hospitals and other health workers using home-based 3D printers.

These open source head visors – that clip together with a clear piece of plastic – will be going to the 3DCrowdUK, which will then be distributing the visors to hospitals. Healthcare workers can order the face shields via the 3DCrowdUK website.

Some 365 orders have been placed so far, for 110,000 masks.

In order to make them and send them out, participants are required to follow a strict routine that includes minimal contact with the parts and disinfecting everything before placing into sterile bags.

This past weekend was the Big Push, which saw the first wave of parcels being sent to the main centre for distribution. Will’s first batch of face shields was among the many now in circulation across the UK.

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Will Explains his Methodology

In this video, Will speaks about how he santises, packages and distributes the visors before they are received by 3DCrowdUK.

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