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Important Information

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  • “All pupils joining King's are required to sit maths, English and verbal reasoning (VR) assessments.”
Entrance Exams

Entrance Exams

All pupils joining King's are required to sit maths, English and verbal reasoning (VR) assessments. The VR assessment is not possible to prepare for and will take an hour to complete.

An offer of a place will be given to those successful candidates and will be sent out the week following the entrance assessment days, subject to receiving satisfactory school reports and Common Entrance results (should your child be prepared for these).

Assessments can also be taken overseas with agents or in the pupil's current international schools should families not be travelling to the UK.

Joining King's at Sixth Form requires pupils to have achieved a minimum total of 27 points in their five best GCSEs, and preferably a minimum of 7 in each of their chosen subjects.

King’s College uses UKiset as part of our assessment of pupils based overseas.

To understand more about the new grading system at GCSE, please click below.

Understanding GCSE Grading
  • “Guardians have a strong role to play in the pastoral care of international pupils at King's College.”
Agents and Guardians

Agents and Guardians

Guardians have a strong role to play in the pastoral care of international pupils at King's College. There are days when it is essential that your child, whatever their age, has a guardian who is living in this country.

Some of the pupils come through agencies, which provide guardianship services, others prefer to use local families. We may be able to put parents in contact with local agencies who are known to the school, but this can in no way be considered as a recommendation.

We use a select number of international agencies who we work with closely. These are located around the world and we value each pupil who is presented to King’s College. We also attend a number of international recruitment events throughout the year.

​Obligations of a Guardian

​Obligations of a Guardian

  • To provide or arrange accommodation for the pupil:
  • During school holidays if agreed with parents.
  • If the school has to close temporarily because of an emergency e.g. fire or epidemic.
  • If the pupil is suspended or expelled, or has had to have a period away from the school for medical reasons.
  • To take decisions in emergencies on behalf of the parents in cases where the school is not empowered to do so.
  • To keep in touch with the pupil’s Houseparent and to ensure that they know the guardian’s up-to-date address, telephone number etc.

In order to carry out these duties it is essential that the guardian should be a householder (i.e. not a student), be over the age of 25, be able to speak English and be accessible by telephone.



Any pupil who does not hold an EU passport will require a visa in order to study full-time in the UK. A pupil will not be allowed to begin their education at King’s College without proof of the correct visa.

Further information regarding this can be found by visiting:

For any non-EU passport holders, sponsorship will be granted from King’s College in order to produce a CAS letter for your child. We ask that during the acceptance process we are provided with a copy of each child's passport and birth certificate to support this process. The BRP will be delivered directly to King's College and police registration will be completed should this be required.

Pupils can be provided with letters of attendance, if relevant, and also with additional evidence to support their status as an overseas pupil

Airport Transfers

Airport Transfers

Transfers and taxis can be booked through the School Office.

Early departures from school must be authorised by the Headmaster, and the Admissions department should be provided with travel and flight details for each child, every term.

Airport Transfers

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