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Covid-19 Information

A Safe Return to School

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Throughout the Summer Term, we have been working hard to plan ahead for the re-opening and safe return of pupils and staff. This has presented an enormous challenge, to which our school community has responded positively and creatively. Our sense of community has not been diminished – in fact, in some ways, it has only strengthened our happy and cohesive, family environment. Our remote learning has proved successful and we will continue to offer this provision to those pupils unable to join us at the start of term.

We are obviously very excited at the prospect of welcoming our pupils back to school, but we appreciate that Covid-19 will not have gone away by then. We will therefore be operating the school under some sort of restrictions.

Whatever plan we have in place now is almost certainly going to be changed to some extent between now and September, depending on how the virus develops and what new regulations are put in place. Things in September will be different; but whatever changes we make to the usual school structures will be temporary. We intend to return to normal as soon as we can and our aim is to minimise the risk of pupils, staff and families contracting the coronavirus. This means putting in place a number of different measures, each of which in itself plays a role in reducing the risk. We hope that the combined effect will be to make the risk very small indeed.

No measures will eliminate the risk altogether. Young people themselves are not at great risk of being badly affected by the virus. This has been confirmed worldwide. They are, though, able to pass the disease on to others. At all times we will follow the guidelines and the regulations issued by the relevant authorities, in particular the Department for Education, Public Health England, the Boarding Schools Association, the Independent Schools Council, HMC, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and our own School Doctors.

To read our Safe Return to School Guide, please click here.

To read the BSA Covid Safe Charter, please click here.

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