Coronavirus, the Pros and Cons | King's College Taunton

Instead of a worthy account of how we are managing the challenge of the pandemic here at King’s, I thought it might be a bit more fun to try to think of all the positives, and possibly some of the less well known negatives. I’ll keep this list alive and update it every few days. Please do get in touch with comments and suggestions for more entries.

Pros Cons
We have never eaten so well in our lives We have never eaten so much in our lives
Thank goodness this is happening in the digital age I spend 90% of my day staring at a screen
Our dogs are loving the company and the attention Jasper has gone into overdrive and has hidden one shoe out of every pair that I own
We are doing a lot of gardening With old seeds that we’ve found at the back of the cupboard and potatoes from our vegetable rack that have begun to sprout. Will planting a garlic bulb really work?
The newspapers are full of puzzles There has been an explosion of truly execrable poetry on Radio 4
We get to spend time with our family We have to spend time with our family
Social networking means we share lots of funny videos If anybody sends me the video of the mother drinking from a box of wine with a straw again I’ll scream
We’re finally getting round to exploring the darker recesses of the drinks cabinet I have no idea why some of that stuff is in there. I have one ceramic bottle of some colourless liquid, with Japanese writing on it, and not a clue what it is
The resident community of staff at school has pulled together like never before. We have a vibrant WhatsApp group that keeps us all in touch with messages and offers of help with shopping We get to see each others’ shopping lists. What is Ms Crandley going to do with cherry tomatoes, gravy granules and a block of butter?
We have drawn up a list of odd jobs that need doing around the house on a special whiteboard we’ve installed in the kitchen Every evening the whiteboard mocks me
We can hear birdsong all the time The seagulls are taking over
Mrs Biggs is working hard to improve our cinematic literacy This evening we’re watching another light-hearted black and white romantic romp starring James Stewart and Myrna Loy
The school grounds are looking lovelier than ever And so few people to enjoy them
We are able to go for walks around the school site When I manage to find that shoe…
The boys are really into their cooking We have to keep our dishwasher going full time to cope with the bombsite
We’re playing a lot of board games Isn’t it extraordinary how much argument a game of Trivial Pursuit can generate?
The petrol and diesel prices have fallen dramatically We’re not allowed to drive anywhere

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