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The idea of the Chindits remains unique amongst CCFs – an introductory year for the Third Form providing a broad range of basic training. From here, many pupils decide to remain as part of the CCF, choosing to join with the Royal Marines, Navy or Army sections.

The Course

The Course

Working in groups known as ‘columns’, Third Form pupils develop teamwork and leadership skills through activities covered in six main outdoor skill groups:

  • Camp craft: Tents and field cooking
  • Navigation: Use of maps and compasses
  • First aid: An essential skill for all
  • Field craft: Camouflage and stalking
  • Knots: Basic knots types and raft building
  • Communication: Relaying information clearly using radios and signals

Chindit Staff

Chindit Staff

The Chindit programme is run by Dr Ben Greedy, with assistance from Mr Phil Musgrove, and Mrs Victoria Kukor-Morgan.



Instruction is given by NCOs – senior cadets from the RN, RM and Army Sections under the supervision of staff.

Field Days and Chindit Camp

Field Days and Chindit Camp

Over the two Field Days, the Chindits either tackle high ropes and rafting challenges at Cobb's Cross Farm or spend a day pioneering on the Quantock Hills.

At the end of the year, the Chindits enjoy a hugely popular three-night camp in the wilds of Exmoor

Overlooking a beautiful Exmoor Valley, ‘base camp’ is set up and is home for the duration. Throughout their stay, pupils get the opportunity to take part in a variety of traditional camp activities.

The ‘night fright’ is enjoyed by staff and pupils alike and always elicits screams and laughter as pupils track each other in the dark, where hidden creatures (members of staff!) lurk. The mock camp attacks, where pupils vigilantly watch their camps to avoid an enemy (staff again!) invasions are again a fun way for pupils to learn about military tactics in a fun environment.

BBQs and general enjoyment of being outdoors are the basic order of the camp. Getting muddy, building dens, making friends, and gaining confidence are all thrown in for good measure and result in memories that will no doubt last a lifetime!


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