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King's Hall Fees 2022/23

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Standard Fees (per term)

Year 7 and 8 - £6,250 day / £9,150 full boarding (UK) / £10,350 full boarding (Overseas)
Year 5 and 6 - £4,750 day / £7,500 full boarding / £8,700 full boarding (Overseas)
Year 3 and 4 - £3,675 day / £7,050 full boarding / £8,250 full boarding (Overseas)
Year 1 and 2 - £3,050 day
Reception (4-5 years) - £2,950 day
Nursery (2-4 years) - £62 per day, £36.50 per half day

Registration Fee
The Registration Fee is non-refundable

Acceptance Deposit
£1,000 UK pupils
One term’s boarding fees non-UK pupils
The Acceptance Deposit will be set against the pupil’s final school bill


Flexi Boarding Fees

Flexi boarding package (per term) - £800
Maximum five nights to be taken between Sunday (5.30pm) - Saturday (9am).
Nights to be specified before the start of each term. Package includes laundry, breakfast and supper, but not lunch (see charges below) or activities.

OR (cannot be combined with)

Single night package - £50
Maximum three nights per week


Additional Fees

Reception to Year 4 - £220 per term or £5.30 approx. per day
Year 5 to Year 8 - £255 per term

Breakfast/Supper (included for boarders)
£5.55 per day

TT Club (Pre-Prep after school supervision)
£11.25 per part or whole session (4pm - 6pm)
Maximum charge of £250 per family or £165 per child, per term


Private Tuition

Additional English/Maths
Individual tuition (30 x 30 min lessons per year) - £320 per term

Individual lessons - £25.50 per 30 minutes
Shared lessons (two pupils) - £19.50 per 30 minutes

Speech and Drama
Group lessons - £57 per term
Individual lessons - £31 per 30 minutes

School Transport
Day pupils per journey when booked in advance

Zone 1 (within four miles) - 75p single, £1.50 return
Zone 2 (all other journeys) - £4 single, £8.50 return


Payment of Fees

The termly fee is payable in advance of or before the first day of each term, unless otherwise agreed by separate contractual agreement. If no arrangement is in place and fees are not paid before the first day of term, the fee will be liable to a surcharge of 1.5% and further similar charges at the end of each month that the account remains unpaid. Any remission may be withdrawn if payment is not received on this basis.

As a result of changes to legislation, we are unable to accept payment of fees by credit or debit card.

Details for payment of fees from outside the UK can be found here.

Online payment https://khstf.flywire.com

Bank details for fee payments

National Westminster Bank, Taunton
Account Name
King's Hall Fees
Sort Code
Account No

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