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Bishop Fox 1975

Today we celebrated our culturally diverse community on the Day of Languages and Cultures, with a distinctly intern… - 3 hours ago

It’s astonishing to learn that there have been girls at King’s now for half a century, of whom my tiny cohort in 1973 was clearly among the vanguard. My first memory is probably of making choux pastry with all the new girls with Mrs Kerslake, as the Lower Sixth girls all lived in the Kerslakes’ house. (The Upper Sixth girls lived in the top of the Headmaster’s House, with Mr and Mrs Batten and the wonderful butler, Richards, who was immensely kind to us all in my second and final year.)

My favourite moments, funnily enough, were ones in the classroom. I have many fond memories of the late Boris (KRR) Wilson’s wonderful A level English classes; of spending time learning Spanish one-on-one with the late Eudo Tonson-Rye (with whom I corresponded for thirty years until the time of his death); tremendous small-group French lessons with Peter (PWJ) Dickson, with whom I have also kept in touch over the years; and the songs of David Bowie (just a couple of years after his first TV appearance) like Changes, Ziggy Stardust and Jean Genie – filling the main corridor from the boys’ Sixth Form study bedrooms. It was a pretty exciting time in which to be young.

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After King’s I went to Bristol University and read Drama and Spanish, and thence attended the University of the West of England for a postgrad year. I worked in advertising and journalism in London and then moved back to my native Toronto, where I had my six biological children and adopted my two youngest children, identical girl twins, from an orphanage in India when they were three. I’ve lived in Sydney, Australia for the past five years and now work as an editor in the Vocational Educational and Training sector. Those little twins are now eighteen, the older children are all grown up, and it’s fairly amazing to think that I left King’s fully 43 years ago!

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