World-Class Hockey Coaching Day at Repton

Would you like to be coached by the best?

We are looking to take four players to enjoy a day of being coached by some of the best players and coaches in the world.

21 September 2016
Repton, Derby

Join Max Caldas (Netherlands Women National Coach formerly and now Dutch Men’s National Coach); Toon Siepman (Dutch Drag Flick Coach, the best in the world); Mo Furste (Former German International Player); David Ames (GB men player); Harry Martin (GB men player); Charlotte Staplehorst; Felix Deyener (Belgium men player) and Alex Danson (GB Women player) as they take players through their paces.

  • During the day players will be divided into working groups of 12 and will rotate across the coaches during the course of the day, spending 25-30 minutes with each coach.
  • Each player will receive their very own highlights package, between 3-5 minutes of individual clips, highlighting their touches during the day with some feedback on development areas.
There will be no charge for this day for the successful applicants


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