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Notable OAs - Woodard House

Staff #CPD never stops! This 2000 piece #jigsaw was completed yesterday by our #Geography teacher, Mrs Godfrey. https://t.co/pMSjSazOi0 - 15 hours ago
Justin Brown OA, Woodard 2005
Leo Crabtree OA, Woodard 2000
Drummer with The Prodigy and Businessman
Pat Darley OA, Woodard 1948
Chairman Royal Society of Arts SW region, CBI Regional Chairman
Brian Ferrer OA, Woodard 1948
QC, Circuit judge, Deputy High Court Judge
Adrian Gibbs OA, Woodard 1952
Virologist - research into origins and evolution of viruses
Desmond Luke OA, Woodard 1954
Sierra Leone politician
Shahrokh and Shahram Malek OAs,Woodard 1967 and 1968
Canadian Property Developers (Vancouver Olympic Village)
Edward (Ted) Nash OA, Woodard 2009
Internet and Mobile Media Entrepreneur
Matt Prime OA, Woodard 1993
Song Writer and Producer
Richard Yeend OA, Woodard 1963
Cartoonist, Newspaper Designer
William Dewhurst OA, Woodard 1944
International Authority Psychology, Neuro Transmitters
Sue Fullilove OA, Woodard 1983
Hand Surgeon and Adventurer

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