Designing, sewing, fusing, printing and constructing are just some of the experiences of pupils working in the area of textiles.

GCSE textiles is a great ‘hands-on’ course for those who love being creative and are interested in fashion, surface pattern design, interior design and art–based textile design.

The focus is very much on developing technical skills through experimentation and creativity.

Pupils will explore a wide range of techniques and build a portfolio of work reflecting personal responses to a theme. They will have the opportunity to work towards a brief and understand how to meet the needs of a client. This will aim to give pupils a better understanding of textiles in 'industry'.

This course is suitable for pupils who are:

  • Keen to develop their visual and observational skills
  • Creative, enthusiastic and imaginative
  • Willing to take risks and experiment
  • No previous knowledge of the subject is required

This course focuses on:

  • Improving recording skills through observational drawing and photography to aid design
  • Developing an understanding of textile techniques including use of specialist equipment
  • Researching artists and designers relevant to routes of study
  • Developing an understanding of experimenting with materials

For an example of a textile project for the first year of GCSE click on the image below.

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