Below are some extracts from letters that our Headmaster's office has received over the last 12 months.

We have taken care to ensure the anonymity of the authors of these comments.

Thank you so much for everything you've done for me – recognising my ability and potential, setting up all the dates and timings for my drama audition and Taster Day, and welcoming me to this exciting school. I'm already loving King's College after the first day!
- New pupil writing to our Registrar
We are all so pleased with the whole experience that our boys have received at King's. We recall our first visit being hosted by some sixth formers and agreeing we should be most happy if our boys matured into such well-rounded, caring and capable young adults.
- Parents of a current and a former pupil
Our son felt valued and supported throughout his five years at King’s and, as a result, he thrived. As parents we could not have asked for any more from the School.”
- Parents of a pupil who has recently completed his A levels at King's
We wanted to say a huge "Thank you" for all that you have done over the past couple of years. The transition from living in the Far East, attending another overseas school, and being a day boy, to starting at King's has not always been plain sailing, but we have had an immense amount of support on the pastoral front. Our expectations in the academic arena were surpassed – we were absolutely thrilled on results day and know that these results are due in no small part to the staff who have taught and guided our son.
- Parents of a pupil who recently completed his GCSEs and is now in the Sixth Form at King's
When we spoke with Richard a year ago, I remember he had a good feeling about our daughter joining King's. A year on, I can say she has had, without doubt, the best year of her school career and I have never known her to be so happy. She has blossomed before our eyes and we are so pleased with everything that King's has done for her.
- Parent of a pupil who joined 12 months ago into the Third Form
Our daughter has absolutely adored King's and the only thing she wished for is that her time there could have been longer. She has thrived at King's in all aspects and has been very lucky to make some fabulous lifelong friends as well. We are delighted with her results and are in the process of helping her to decide which university offer to accept.
- Parents of a pupil who recently completed her A levels at King's
Whilst a school is there to meet standards, and is of course judged by grades, the tuition offered at King's allows students to delve into the depth of subjects available. Often I found myself learning, not to meet a target, but because I was encouraged to enjoy the subject, and to find out more about the subject matter. This was further enhanced by the array of societies that I was able to join and participate in. Not only have I left King's with a place at a Russell Group university, but I have left feeling academically enriched.
- Former pupil who completed his A levels at King's
I did not find the opportunity at this years leavers’ ball to thank you for having my son at your school. (What a great party that was! My compliment to Ms Menheneott & her team). My son loved being at King’s even if it took a while for him to adjust, and I think he learned plenty of valuable things apart from the purely academic. We all feel a little blue now this big adventure is over. We are proud to hear that he made a donation to the school with one of his artworks. I am sure he will strive from here – not only in arts – and will remember the school should he succeed later in life. You and your colleagues, the administrative staff and all the friendly people I have met during my brief stays have made it a true and happy cause to support.
- A parent whose pupil recently completed his A levels at King's
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