About Taylor

House Ethos

Being part of Taylor house usually means you are always on the go! Our girls work hard academically, strive for sporting prowess and stand out musically. Everyone has something to offer, be it academia, sport, music, drama, friendship or even a kind and supportive ear; one is no more important than the other. We are proud to have a number of scholars from every discipline, and engender a fierce (but healthy!) competitive appetite when it comes to house competitions, be it debating, general knowledge, hockey or swimming. The day girls play an equal part in the house, often staying for prep and board regularly.

It is our intention, along with the house staff, to make Taylor a friendly and happy house in which to live and learn, where fun, laughter and friendships are at the forefront of the girls' personal development. We are here to help the girls in our care to express themselves and fulfil their potential in whichever fields their interests lie. It is important that we all take pride in ourselves and in the relationships we have with one another; we are owed respect, but have to earn trust. By doing so we can make Taylor a place where everyone can study in peace and relax in comfort.

House History

Taylor house was established in 1997 when the number of girls in the school exceeded the capacity for Carpenter and Meynell. It was named after Prebendary Philip Taylor, (Chaplain and Headmaster 1920s / 1930s), whose great-great-niece is a current member of our 4th form. This past year we have updated and renovated some of our accommodation, and we now have three kitchens and four common rooms as well as the usual studies and bedrooms. Originally the school sanatorium, Taylor house girls are able to boast a sink in every bedroom!

Taylor Today

Taylor is situated on the edge of the main building at King’s. Our strong house system provides the best possible academic monitoring and pastoral care. Girls create deep bonds of friendship in this small boarding house. There are three common rooms and several small kitchens along with a house tuck shop which opens daily. Girls often have plenty of visitors in the downstairs common room, whilst the upstairs common room remains a more private area for Taylor girls. Junior and Senior girls share rooms and all girls in the Upper Sixth usually have a room of their own. All girls in the Third, Fourth and Fifth Forms have a study area on the ground floor. The close proximity of these study areas to the house office ensures all girls are fully supported during evening prep. All day girls in the sixth form also have their own designated study area whilst all sixth form boarders have a desk area in their own rooms.

Weekend Activities

House trips will include a variety of visits. Very often weekend trips are ad hoc such as visiting restaurants in the local area. Mrs Edwards encourages girls to host their own informal dinner parties and barbequing, as often as the weather permits, is a must! Regular cinema trips take place on Sundays and activities further afield suggested by the girls will take place regularly. Of course, we all know how girls enjoy duvet days on Sunday’s watching a good film and this is never overlooked!

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