Symposium for Philosophy and Religion

Symposiums in ancient Greece were places where people could eat, drink and discuss ideas together. Although some discussions were casual, many were a source of real debate and would often feature daring thinkers and controversial subjects, trying to solve the answers to our deepest questions through the proliferation of ideas. It is in this spirit that the Symposium for Philosophy and Religion began and continues to exist.

Among its aims are:

• To raise the profile of Philosophy and Religion regionally and nationally.

• To advance professional relationships in schools, universities and interfaith organisations.

• To strengthen the distinctive contribution of the South West to the national field of Philosophy and Religion.

These aims are currently being met through an annual meeting where members come together to dialogue through the medium of debate or lecture. Discussions encompass everything from the interplay between science and faith to the ontology of metaphysics, the existence of God, and the role of faith in civic society. We have in our membership teachers, researchers, students, chaplains, and other interested parties, stretching as far as Truro, Gloucester and Portsmouth. Some institutions associated with the Symposium include: the University of Exeter, Southampton University, the Canford Group of schools, the Woodard group, and several others schools, colleges and Higher Education institutions across the SouthWest.

The Symposium was founded in 2009 by Julie Arliss and Jarrett Wilson, and is indebted to the patronage of Professor Keith Ward (Regius professor Emeritus of Christ Church Oxford) and the Bishop of Bath & Wells, the Rt. Rev Peter Price. Previous speakers to the Symposium include Julian Baggini, Roger Trigg and Stephen Law.

King's College kindly sponsors and plays host to the Symposium, and meetings are held in the historic Woodard Room. Members can invite guests to events and also recommend them for membership. If you have not yet been invited to join and would like to become involved please email Jarrett Wilson (Secretary) at

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