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Please note that there has been a mix up in photographs in the Gazette this week. Next to an article about the new King’s College Bursary Fund the paper printed a photograph of a handsome looking chap with the caption “Richard Biggs, the Headmaster of King’s College”.

As is so often the case with the press these days, the caption is half right. The picture is indeed of Richard Biggs. But that Richard Biggs is not the Headmaster of King’s College. It appears that there are two Richard Biggses in Taunton.

The other Richard Biggs very kindly called me today to commiserate. He is as embarrassed as I am….because he sends his children to Queen’s! And one can only guess at the ribbing he has received from that quarter. He sounds like a thoroughly decent and pleasant chap, as one would expect of a man bearing such a noble name.

So please rest assured that the Headmaster of King’s College has not undergone radical appearance-altering surgery. I still look the same as when you last saw me…perhaps a little greyer and wrinkled, but essentially still the same.

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