St Francis Mini-Farm

The St Francis Mini-Farm is part of the King's Sustainability Strategy. It began with Father Mark rescuing five hens from a battery farm in North Devon in the days when battery farms were still legal. The YouTube video has brought a smile to many new pupils at King's.

The mini-farm has since grown to include many other animals including pygmy goats, alpacas (at one time), Netherland dwarf rabbits, ducks and various exotic birds. We even had guinea-fowl at one point – but that's a long story...

A Fourth Form activity group helps with mucking out, weeding the vegetable garden and other maintenance tasks around the farm. The children from the King's community and beyond visit the farm often. It gives them the opportunity to enjoy and learn about plants and animals as part of their learning and development, and provides a quite place in which to enjoy God's generous creation.

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