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  • “The chapel is deeply valued; pupils spoke of the importance of the atmosphere of quiet respect and thoughtfulness…”
    - ISI Inspection Report 2018
Our Chaplain

Our Chaplain

"My name is Father Mark and it is my privilege to be Chaplain to the King's College community. I live on the campus with my wife Sharon and our sons. As a Christian school in the Anglican tradition and part of the Woodard family of schools, we believe that the spiritual component of education, with the Eucharist at the centre, is vital in the development of the whole person."

Religion at King's

Religion at King's

Our community is diverse, consisting of individuals of faith as well as those of no faith. We encourage the school community to explore freely their understanding of themselves in the world through a rich programme of academic, cultural, sport and social endeavour. But the touchstone for all is human spirituality as embodied in Jesus Christ. All faiths are embraced at King’s, and we ensure that pupils receive the support and freedom to practice their religious choices appropriately.

In a world where religion and its practices have often been discredited or misunderstood, we believe in the importance of religious literacy and offer our pupils opportunities to study and explore great faith traditions of the world in a formal academic way.

Formal and Informal Religion

Formal and Informal Religion

"There are opportunities throughout the week for informal expressions of faith. For example, mindfulness meditation practice is taught in religious studies lessons and is available to staff once a week during the lunch hour. Confirmation classes run until the end of the Lent Term. In all these groups pupils and staff are invited to share the thoughts, insights, and questions that affect their lives individually and communally.

I am, of course, always available to the whole community for individual counselling and advice. At various times throughout the year, the school community joins together with parents and others for wonderful and moving acts of worship like Remembrance Sunday, Ash Wednesday, carols and nine lessons, confirmation, St Francis Day, All Soul’s Day, choral evensong and the Christmas morning family eucharist."

- Father Mark, Chaplain

​Light a candle

​Light a candle

You may want to begin or end your day by the sacred ritual of lighting a candle on this website. Or you may want to light a birthday candle for a friend. Perhaps you would like to say a prayer for a loved one who is ill or who has died. One single guideline is all you need: slow down and do it with full attention.

If you would like to contact Father Mark, please call him on 01823 328211 or email MASmith@kings-taunton.co.uk.

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