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Sixth Form Years

Sixth Form Years

In my view, the Sixth Form years are the most exciting period in a person’s education. Students are studying subjects of their choice for the first time, and they are studying these subjects to a greater depth. Students can follow their own lines of thought while working closely with teachers and peers. There is no other time when there is so much potential for being influenced by new ideas. Often students arrive with one career in mind and leave with a completely different plan, having been inspired by an experience or a person at school.

Oliver Ridley, Head of Sixth Form

Exciting Opportunities

King’s College Taunton is an excellent place to spend the Sixth Form years, in and out of the classroom. We have inspirational teachers, who are experts in their field, love their subject and are committed to their students. Classes are small and there are voluntary drop-in clinics for students who want some individual attention. There is a well-stocked academic library. Students study A levels, which we believe offer the right balance between specialisation and depth, and are the best path to university entry. King’s students meet their personal tutor, who they have chosen themselves, on a weekly basis for pastoral and academic support.

King’s offers Sixth Formers a fantastic social experience. Students, whether boarders or day students, are allocated to a house, where they have a study. This is the basis of their social life. However, the extensive programme of activities and sports and the Sixth Form social club all provide opportunities for meeting new and interesting people. The end of the two years is marked by the Leavers’ Ball, a truly magnificent occasion organised by a committee of leavers.

Our Students

The majority of King’s students go into UK Higher Education, and universities seem keen to recruit from the school. Each year students access the most desirable courses at the most desirable universities. Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial, the London School of Economics, Durham and other Russell Group universities are well represented within the broad range of institutions to which students go. Although it remains a small group, some King’s students move on to American and European universities.

Academic Life

Academic Life

Work in the Sixth Form is academically rigorous and we set high expectations for all our A level students. We teach traditional subjects in small classes of an average size of about ten, and at most sixteen. Our teachers are well qualified specialists, enthusiastic and dedicated to promoting excellence within their subjects.

We place an emphasis on independent learning, while providing close support for students' encouragement. This independence is developed in class, by tutors and by a study skills programme. We believe in moving beyond the boundaries of the prescribed a level syllabus.

Extended Learning

There is a significant programme of academic activities outside the classroom, which brings greater breadth and depth to work inside it. Sixth Formers are encouraged to choose an extended project (EPQ) to increase their enjoyment of the subjects and to enhance their university application. In addition there is a programme of academic activities and events to stretch and widen the horizons of ambitious candidates and academic high-flyers. All enthusiasms are catered for by departmental societies, speakers and events.

Sixth Form students choose their own tutors to support them through two challenging and exciting years of study. The tutor will act as academic advisor and will help with UCAS applications, career guidance and will be a main point of contact for all pastoral and academic concerns.

Oxbridge Candidates

Our Sixth Form students leave us as well-educated, well-rounded individuals, about to embark on the next stage of their journey.

Many go on to study at numerous prestigious academic institutions including Oxford, Cambridge and Russell Group universities, and some have chosen to continue their studies overseas, taking up scholarships at American universities.



At A Level students usually choose to study four subjects from a range of 22, although some study five. Careful advice is given from the outset to ensure that choices match the requirements of popular courses at prestigious universities. Students are also able to opt for the modern AQA baccalaureate, with the additional programme of AS critical thinking, enrichment activities and extended project. Please see the A Level courses booklet for greater detail.

Subjects: Art, Biology, Business & Economics, Chemistry, Design & Technology, Drama, English, Geography, History, Latin, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Music, Physical Education, Physics, Personal Social and Health Education, Philosophy and Religion, BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Sport.


Our Sixth Form (16+) awards recognise excellence and potential in a range of areas of importance to the School. All awards are made on the basis of open competition and carry clear expectations of involvement and achievement. They are all are subject to annual review.

There are several Sixth Form Scholarships available. These are: Academic, Music, Sport, Drama, Art, and Design Technology.

Sixth Form Admissions Programme

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Sixth Form Admissions Programme

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