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Sixth Form Years

In my view, the Sixth Form years are the most exciting period in a person’s education. Students are studying subjects of their choice for the first time, and they are studying these subjects to a greater depth. Students can follow their own lines of thought while working closely with teachers and peers. There is no other time when there is so much potential for being influenced by new ideas. Often students arrive with one career in mind and leave with a completely different plan, having been inspired by an experience or a person at school.

Oliver Ridley, Head of Sixth Form

BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Sports Performance and Excellence

BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Sports Performance and Excellence

King’s College is one of the sports powerhouses of the West Country and enjoys a national reputation for sporting excellence in a number of different games. The facilities are first-class, with ambitious plans to extend them further still in the coming years. All this in a school with a strong tradition of academic success and which provides well for a wide range of other activities such as music and drama. The boarding at King’s is excellent, and pupils enjoy a vibrant and supportive social life.

This is an exciting new opportunity for 16 or 17 year olds who are looking to pursue a different style of learning and education.

This qualification is suited to students who have a passion and enthusiasm for sport and are interested in pursuing a career in the sports industry. Many students also choose to also study an additional A Level alongside their BTEC studies.

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Assessed through a variety of internal assignments, students recently finishing the two-year programme have gone onto university to study courses such as Sports Science, Sports Coaching and Sports Rehabilitation.

King’s offers a positive and creative learning environment with excellent facilities, including a designated fully-equipped IT suite. Students studying BTEC Sport also get opportunities to visit professional sporting environments and meet those who work in the sports industry, whether performance analysts, nutritionists, sports therapists or current/ex players in order to enhance their learning experience.

Course Overview

Course Overview

There are opportunities to specialise in a range of different sports. However, iIf you do not wish to specialise, you will still have access to the wide range of King’s sports and be able to work with passionate and experienced coaches to develop your skills and opportunities.

  • The course is equivalent to three A Levels.
  • This is a full time two-year course.
  • You will be expected to attend twelve hours of tuition per week over three terms
  • The course incorporates six to eight hours of sport per week, including training and fixtures.
  • Some bursarial fee assistance and a limited number of scholarships will be available.
  • We welcome applications from any pupil aged 16 to 17 years.

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Exciting Opportunities at Sixth Form

King’s College Taunton is an excellent place to spend the Sixth Form years, in and out of the classroom. We have inspirational teachers, who are experts in their field, love their subject and are committed to their students. Classes are small and there are voluntary drop-in clinics for students who want some individual attention. There is a well-stocked academic library. King’s students meet their personal tutor, who they have chosen themselves, on a weekly basis for pastoral and academic support.

There are opportunities to attend visits and trips to a variety of exciting places that serve to extend learning and expand experiences and knowledge.

King’s offers Sixth Formers a fantastic social experience. Students, whether boarders or day students, are allocated to a house, where they have a study. This is the basis of their social life. However, the extensive programme of activities and sports and the Sixth Form social club all provide opportunities for meeting new and interesting people. The end of the two years is marked by the Leavers’ Ball, a truly magnificent occasion organised by a committee of leavers.

Our Students

The majority of King’s students go into UK Higher Education, and universities seem keen to recruit from the school. Each year students access the most desirable courses at the most desirable universities. Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial, the London School of Economics, Durham and other Russell Group universities are well represented within the broad range of institutions to which students go. Although it remains a small group, some King’s students move on to American and European universities.

BTEC Scholarship

BTEC Scholarship

Following the success of our first corhort of BTEC students, we decided to launch a new BTEC Scholarship which will be awarded to a pupil joining the school in the Sixth Form in September 2018, who wishes to study this course.

The scholarship will attract a remission of up to 20% of the day fees.


To be consider for the award, individuals will need to:

  • achieve a minimum of 27 points across their five best GCSEs, including Grade 6 in English, PE and biology;
  • be a district or county or representative in at least one sport;
  • submit an assignment set by the Head of BTEC prior to the scholarship day. Details will be sent soon after the application deadline.

For further information please see our BTEC Scholarship booklet.

Sixth Form Admissions Programme

We are holding a series of events and workshops aimed at showing you what opportunities are available here at King's.

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BTEC Scholarship

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Sixth Form Open Evening - 28th February 2018
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16+ BTEC Open Evening - 13th March 2018
16+ Music and Drama Workshops - 15th March 2018
Sixth Form Taster Day - 20th March 2018
Sixth Form Introduction to A Levels and BTEC - 4th & 5th July 2018