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Secondhand Uniform Shop

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  • “Our secondhand uniform shop is located next to the main School Uniform Shop. Opening is by appointment only. Please email Catherine Zeregbe on or call 01823 328200 to arrange an appointment.”
Opening Hours

Opening Hours

The second hand shop will be open during the first two weeks of the summer holidays and the last two weeks of the summer holidays each year from 9.00am. The shop will be open between 2pm and 6pm on the day that boarders return at the beginning of each term.

Sales & Donations

Sales & Donations

All uniform for sale in the second hand shop must be clean and in a good state of repair. If you wish to receive 50% of the sale price, please complete and attach (to the clothes) the contact form. The sale price will be set by the KCT PA, 50% of this will support the KCT PA and 50% can be returned to the seller or donated to the KCT PA, please indicate this on the form.

If we receive clothing bags with no form or name, we will assume you are donating the uniform. Uniform that has the old style logo or not in a good state of repair will be donated to a charity. The shop will also be open during KCT PA events by contacting our school reception in advance.

Payment Information

Payment Information

For overseas bank accounts, reimbursements will be made once items totalling over £20* have been sold. For local parents, reimbursements will be made once items totalling over £10* have been sold. Reimbursements are made once a year.

*King’s College incurs administrative costs for processing payments, therefore a minimum sale amount needs to be set.

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