King’s College makes a limited number of awards to candidates who are about to enter the School in Year 9 (13+) or into the Sixth Form (16+). These awards recognise excellence and potential in a range of areas of importance to the School. All awards are made on the basis of open competition. All awards carry clear expectations of involvement and achievement and all are subject to annual review.

Scholarships offered include: Academic; Music; Sport; Art; Drama and Design Technology.

General Procedures

All 13+ scholarship testing takes place during the second half of the Lent Term (Spring). All 16+ scholarship testing takes place in the November preceding entry. Exact dates are obtainable from the Director of Admissions and Marketing.

In all the testing, the emphasis is on allowing the candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their strengths. We hope very much that they find the experience enjoyable. All scholarship testing involves interviews with members of staff and the Headmaster. Again, the emphasis is on putting candidates at ease and allowing them an opportunity to talk about their enthusiasms. Credit will be given to those who seem genuinely interested in their subjects, have read widely and can apply their knowledge to new situations and problems.

The School will seek references from the candidate’s present school and it is therefore essential that the candidate’s present Head be informed of the intention to apply for a scholarship.

Many prep schools will have copies of entry forms available. Forms may also be obtained from the Admissions Office, or downloaded from the School’s website. Application must be by signed hard copy and may not be submitted electronically.

The Headmaster will inform parents of the results of the scholarship tests and examinations soon after these are taken.

Academic Entry Requirements

Candidates who enter for academic awards and who are successful will have satisfied the academic requirements for entry into the School. If unsuccessful the School may or may not waive the need for them to fulfill usual entry requirements (such as Common Entrance).

Candidates for all other scholarships will be required to meet the usual academic entry standards for the School, whether they are successful in their scholarships or not. In brief these standards are:

  • At 13+, a pass at Common Entrance or in the School’s own entrance tests
  • At 16+, three B grade passes and two C grade passes at GCSE or an equivalent standard in other examinations.
  • For sports scholarships, candidates will also be required to sit a verbal reasoning paper.
  • In addition, applicants for whom English is not a first language will be required to pass language proficiency tests.

Our Scholarships Brochure gives further details of the various awards available and the procedure for application.

Entry Forms

Click here to download the 11+ scholarship entry form.

Click here to download the 13+ scholarship entry form.

Click here to download the 16+ scholarship entry form.

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