Residential Football Camp for Girls 24–28 July 2017

King’s was the first National Girls’ Football Development School for the Independent Schools FA (ISFA) and remains at the forefront of the development of independent school girls’ football.
Links with the Football Association, Women’s Super League Clubs, community football and universities both in the UK and the USA, combine to provide excellent opportunities for players of all abilities.
King’s girls achieve National ISFA caps, attend Elite Performance Camps and participate in the local, regional and national development camp programmes.

Following on from the success and popularity of our 2016 camp, we will be running the residential football camp for girls again next summer.
Aimed at girls aged 9 – 12 and 13–16 years, the camp provides the opportunity to play football and also to undertake the FA Junior Football Leaders' Award (12 years +).

There is a day option available. Please enquire for details.

Course Content

• Introduction to the Course (1 GLH)
• Course content
• How to get involved in football
• Getting involved and helping those involved to ‘get better’
• Assisting football activity sessions (2 GLHs)
• Creating a safe learning environment
• Organising games
• Introduction to the basics of FUNdamentals
• An introduction to refereeing (1 GLH)
• Preparing to referee
• Whistle techniques and introduction to ‘ball in’, ‘ball out’
• Safety of the players and re-starts to the game
• Helping with a team (1 GLH)
• Preparing for the game
• Warm-up prior to the game
• Organising and managing players expectations
• Different football events (1 GLH)
• An introduction to three different formats of competition
• Using these in a practical setting

Practical Involvement

Candidates will be encouraged to participate practically to maximise their opportunities for learning (however inability to participate will not prevent successful completion of the award).

The FA Junior Football Leaders’ Award
This course provides a basic introduction to leadership skills required when involved in football. The course will primarily introduce 4 areas:
Assisting football; activity sessions; an introduction to refereeing; helping with a team; different football events.
In addition to these areas, respect, promoting the game, and developing the game will be embedded during the six guided learning hours (GLH).

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For further information and to register to join the course please contact:

Chris Heayns, Head of Football

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