OA Club

The Association of former pupils of King's College is known as the Old Aluredian Club, (Alured being an ancient form of Alfred, the king after whom the school was named when the Reverend Nathaniel Woodard re-founded the college as King Alfred's School in 1880). Membership of the club includes access to the benefit fund which can extend help to club members in emergencies, and grants bursaries from time to time to sons or daughters of members.

The OA Club arranges regular dinners, receptions and sports events, and sends regular newsletters to members. It is an excellent way of remaining a part of the King's College community once a pupil has left. Membership subscriptions are payable by means of termly instalments throughout a pupil's time at the school, so that Life Membership is provided for when a pupil leaves the school, unless parents indicate in writing that they do not wish the subscription to be paid in this way.

Full details of the club and its activities can be obtained from the OA Office. Email oa@kings-taunton.co.uk

Telephone: 01823 328184 / 01823 328238

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