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Notable OAs - Meynell House

Staff #CPD never stops! This 2000 piece #jigsaw was completed yesterday by our #Geography teacher, Mrs Godfrey. - 14 hours ago
Robin Appleford OA, Meynell 1938
Youngest Surviving Spitfire Pilot of Battle of Britain
Laura Bates OA, Meynell 2004
Campaigner - Founder of Everyday Sexism Project
Stephen Evans OA, Meynell 1967
NATO Assistant Secretary General – Operations
Griselda Heppel OA, Meynell 1974
Award Winning Children's Author
Antony Hewish OA, Meynell 1974
Nobel Prize Winning Astrophysicist
Rev Edward King OA, Meynell 1939
Dean of Cape Town during apartheid years
Jonathon Meades OA, Meynell 1964
Journalist and Writer on Food, Architecture, Culture
Christopher Newman OA, Meynell 1973
Film Director - Producer of the Game of Thrones
The Venerable Christopher Prior OA, Meynell 1931
Chaplain to the Queen, Chaplain to the Fleet
Geoffrey Rippon OA, Meynell 1941
MP, Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster
Peter Robinson OA, Meynell 1949
English Olympic Squad, School Mile Record Holder
Julian Thould OA, Meynell 1976
Former HM King Edward VI, Southampton
Roger Twose OA, Meynell 1986
New Zealand Cricketer
Lionel Whitby OA, Meynell 1910
Pioneer User of Sulphonamides, Physician to George V

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