Meet the Team – Tuckwell


Phil Lewis is now in his fourth year as Tuckwell housemaster and is now the most senior of all housemasters, believe it or not! Phil lives on site with his wife Clare (who has also taught Geography and History at King’s), their two children Theo and Maya and their black Labrador Woody! The family have already had a fantastic time in the boarding house, especially Theo who has probably already broken the world record for the number of high fives a five-year-old can give in one day (70 teenage boys in one building does help!!). Theo also loves helping out with registration in the morning and with our pizza or ice cream evenings on weekends!!
What is the hardest thing about running Tuckwell House? Phil thinks this would have to be stocking up the tuck shop with all sorts of foods and drink that he totally disagrees with having studied Nutrition as part of his degree! When he’s not with the Tuckwell boys you will find Phil teaching in the PE department. He specializes in Exercise and Physiology and loves teaching the subject. He is also the Director of Cricket and is in charge of coaching the 1st XI and most of our elite cricketers. Phil has coached rugby and hockey throughout his time at King's and is also Master in Charge of Golf. He loves all sports and will encourage Tuckwell boys to get stuck in to the huge variety of sports and activities King's has to offer. Anything to get them away from COD! (He believes this stands for the computer game Call of Duty!).

Deputy Housemaster

Phil is helped in the running of the house by his assistant Nick Mason and four other tutors who each teach a variety of subjects and help with the smooth running of the house: Matt Lang, Ben Greedy, Valence Similien and Toby Smith all help with a duty night per week and it is safe to say their personalities bring a different spice to every evening in Tuckwell! Nick is Phil’s right hand man and he also lives attached to the boarding house! He has just had Sky installed so we are seeing a little less of him lately! Nick is a Taunton Titan rugby player so there is no messing with him especially as he is 6ft 4!! Although he is probably the friendliest person anyone could meet!! He coaches sport at school (mainly rugby), is a 5th form tutor and he is a member of the ground staff.

House Assistants/Tutors

Matthew Lang (Physics, Maths, and ICT)

Val Similien (Cricket and Hockey)

Toby Smith (Head of English)

Ben Greedy (Head of Chemistry)

Michael Graven (Physics)

Victoria Kukor-Morgan (Learning Support)

Clare Lewis (Senior Tutor)

House Matron

Sue helps with the running of the house during the mornings. Sue organises the smooth running of the domestic side of the house, making sure that it is spick and span, at least whilst the boys are in class! The boys greatly appreciate that there is always milk, toast and biscuits available for a second breakfast at morning break. Sue is a mother figure within the boarding house and is a huge support to all the boys. She also does some of their washing occasionally if they have missed the laundry run!

House Captain

Sam is an excellent role model to the Tuckwell boys and has really made the most of his time here at King's. He was the leader of our recent Royal Marines cadets Pringle Trophy winning team, he plays rugby, football and cricket. He is a hard worker academically and has already gained some fantastic grades during his time at King's. He is always present around house and enjoys our socials as well as mingling with all year groups in the common room. His table tennis skills still need some work however! Sam is applying to university this year to study history and is hoping to take a gap year.

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