Meet the House Team - Carpenter


Carpenter housemistress, Karen Cole (also Head of Learning Support lives in Stoneleigh, attached to the rear of Carpenter house, with her husband David (Biology and Chemistry, i/c CCF and Extra-Curricular Activities) and Tilly – a very affectionate ten-year old border collie who loves walks and lots of attention! Mrs Cole should be your first port of call if you have any concerns or just want a chat.

Deputy Housemistress

Harriet Agg-Manning, also a 3rd form tutor and Head of Drama, lives in the flat at the front of Carpenter, which is situated along the corridor past the junior study rooms. She is an important point of contact if you need to see a member of staff or just fancy a chat.

House Assistants/Tutors

Mrs Lucy Cruttenden (Head of MFL, CCF, Hockey)

Miss Meg Menheneott (Mathematics, Netball, Hockey)

Mrs Karen Paul (Assistant Director of Music, Girls' Football, Dance)

Miss Abi Schultz (Geography, CCF, Netball)

Miss Emily Stevens (Art, Cross-country, Badminton)

House Matron

Dawn Slade - always called 'Matron' - is much loved in the house and will offer a friendly ear if you need a chat. She will help wake you up in the mornings, check you are keeping your area tidy, and make sure you change your bed on the right day! Our domestic assistants Kathy, Dawn and Louise will keep your rooms clean - if you keep them tidy!

House Captain

Samantha Church is a bubbly pupil with an ever-ready smile. Her A-levels in art, geography and business are an ideal combination for the degree in Fashion, Marketing and Management she hopes to study next year. Samantha's art – bright, colourful and strongly influenced by her Kenyan home – has been exhibited at the Brooke Gallery in Exeter. She is a keen photographer and enjoys taking pictures of various Carpie events. Samantha is an able sportswoman too, representing King's as the first pair in tennis, playing midfield U18A hockey and enthusiastically contributing to all house teams, including swimming. She is also staff sergeant in the school CCF, instructing younger cadets on the army proficiency certificate. Samantha is a perfect example of the adage: it's the busiest pupils who achieve the most!

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