Meet the House Team – Woodard


David Snell is the Housemaster of Woodard, starting out as the assistant in 2010, before becoming Housemaster in 2014. David studied chemistry at Bath University, where he gained a PhD. Before teaching, he was a project manager for a pharmaceutical company, and also a member of the Royal Marine Reserves, serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan – though he quickly realised being shot at was not much fun.
Since joining King's, every day has been an absolute pleasure, and David considers it an honour and a gift to play a part in the Woodard boys' formative years. He believes that the energy, courtesy, goodwill towards each other and boundless humour of the boys are what keeps him young, and he is constantly amazed at what a happy community they have created for each other. David’s wife, Caro, is also a teacher, although he keeps telling her that biology is similar to colouring in! Within the school David also manages the 2nd XV senior rugby side, and teaches chemistry, although the boys are nice enough not to hold that against him!

Deputy Housemaster

Chris Mason lives in accommodation attached to the boarding house. Chris is desperately trying to dispel the myth that all mathematics teachers are dull and boring by developing his musical skills, playing in a band and wearing ethnic necklaces.

House Assistants/Tutors

Chris Mason (Maths)

Rhys Llewellyn (PE)

Steve King (RM Section CCF)

Jane Berry (Head of general happiness!)

House Matron

Woodard's biggest asset is our matron, Jane Berry. She is the school’s top sportswoman and can outplay all of the boys at any of their games. She is the current holder of the Taunton Female Cricketer and Hockey player of the year trophies, and five times winner of the King's College Best Matron award (Woodard house category). Her detective skills would put CSI to shame. The boys have learnt not to try to keep secrets from her, and will run to her to own up to any accidental damage they may have caused in the hope of clemency. She also runs the school's most popular tuck shop (Woodard house category), and is everyone's favourite mummy (whole school category).

House Captain

James can often be found loitering in the common room waiting for the younger pupils to ask him about his sporting prowess; how many first teams can he represent? His approachable, smiley nature belies a steely determination to see the house succeed at the inter-house Masterchef competition – he states that Pot Noodle is the perfect starter! James looks after everyone within the house ensuring their happiness is paramount. His favourite quote is ‘ask not what Woodard can do for you – ask what you can do for Woodard’.

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