Meet the House Team – Meynell


Lisa Cashmore lives in the Housemistress accommodation adjacent to the boarding house. Having been at King’s College for nine years and attached to Meynell for the past six years, she took on the role as Housemistress in September 2015. Lisa is married to James and they have two teenage sons who are pupils at King’s. They also have a black and white cat called Molly, and they are looking forward to welcoming a new puppy in to the family in the autumn. Lisa wants to build on the strengths of Meynell as a vibrant community, by bringing her approachable and caring touch to the house.

Deputy Housemistress

Liz Gregory is the Head of Business Studies and Economics and 2016 is her fifth year at King’s. Liz is an excellent tutor to a group of junior girls, a role she particularly enjoys as it enables her to guide them through the important decision-making process of A Level choices. Liz lives in Bristol, with her husband, but she will stay in Meynell when Lisa takes the occasional weekend off.

House Assistants

Miss Christina Mann – Geography teacher and Head of King’s Sustainability Strategy. Christina is tutor to a 4th Form group.

Mrs Sara Similien – Co-Director of Sport. Sara is a tutor to the 5th Form girls and she is also on House duty one evening a week.

Miss Mo Hiyashi – Chemistry Teacher. Mo is a 5th Form tutor and on duty in house one evening a week.

Mrs Maria Duckham – Languages Teacher. Maria is a 3rd Form tutor.

Resident Tutor

Francesca Parker joins King’s as an English teacher in September 2015 and she will be moving in to the assistant’s flat in Meynell. Francesca has recently completed her PGCE at the University of Lancaster, but has experience of working in a boarding house as a gap student in New Zealand. She is very much looking forward to being a member of the Meynell community. Francesca is also an excellent hockey player and an experienced coach, so I’m sure she will be on hand to offer tips to the girls, especially before the highly competitive house matches. Francesca is also a tutor to a group of 3rd Form Meynell girls.

House Matron

The house would not run without Marrion Hancock, the house matron. She has been with the house for over 20 years and knows everything there is to know about Meynell! She has a genuine love of the house and the girls enjoy chatting with ‘Maz’, even if she does have to nag them to keep their rooms tidy and do their washing up! Marrion is assisted by a team of cleaners who work tirelessly to keep Meynell looking clean and tidy. Marrion is also on duty in House one night per week.

House Captain

This is a really important role and each year one of the U6th girls is chosen by Mrs Cashmore having consulted with the girls in Meynell and the house staff. This year the House Captain is Natasha Spiers. Natasha has boarded at King’s since third form and came to the school from Plymouth College. Natasha enjoys the responsibility of leading the organisation of house events and competitions, running tuck shop and being a listening ear to the younger girls.

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