Meet the House Team – Bishop Fox


As Housemaster of Bishop Fox, Alastair lives in Gatcombe – which is at one end of the house – with his wife Jo and son Christopher. He has been at the school for a few years, previously having been Head of Drama. He now teaches English and Drama as well.

Alastair has led a very varied life, working in professional theatre and teaching at both university and primary school level. As well as liking theatre and music, Alastair loves rugby and cricket, travelling, history, aeroplanes, movies and cooking (and eating what he cooks!). He encourages all the boys in the house to have a really broad amount of interests and to get the most out of life. He really likes it when they try something new that they might not have tried before, and is keen to encourage them to always have a good go at anything they do, be it music, sport, rock climbing or studying for an exam.

The role of Housemaster is to make sure that everybody in the house is happy, safe and has the opportunity to do their best in the school. If you are worried about anything or need any help you can always pop by to see Alastair for a chat ... even to tell him about when things are going well too – he likes to hear that!

Assistant Housemaster

Christopher Pearson is the Assistant Housemaster and lives under one end of Fox in a self-contained flat. He co-ordinates outdoor activities for the school as well as being a school marshal and in charge of the Sunday activities program also. He is a very keen sportsman and particularly enjoys rugby and cricket. Most importantly he is an ex Bishop Fox boy himself so has a keen awareness of what life is like in house. He is obviously brilliant at arranging outings and provides another great listening ear close by for those who need it.

House Assistants/Tutors

Nick Gresswell (Director of Sport)

Andrew Edwards (Head of Geography)

Jason Grindle (Head of Design and Technology)

House Matron

Mrs Perry is the Matron in Fox and a very important person! She keeps the house ship-shape and makes sure you keep your room tidy and that you have clean clothes and all the important things in life. She also runs the tuckshop. She has a team of dedicated cleaning staff who work solely in Fox looking after the pupils.

House Captain

Tom Dray is our House Captain this year. Having had a running joke with Tom that he would be the ‘future’ House Captain because he was so tidy, well organised and punctual, it seems to have actually come true! Tom used to be a distinguished rugby player but these days his allegiances have swapped over to football – he is a keen member of the top teams, also enjoying hockey and the odd spot of tennis. He gets on very well with others and did a sterling job on helping to organise Fox Rocks last year, which helped him get the job. He does probably have the best House Captain room in the school including his very own super sofa to make up for all the hard work he does and he still keeps it pretty tidy as well! He is planning to go to university next year to study business.

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