The Medical Centre is a vital part of King’s College. We provide nursing care to pupils and First Aid care to all members of the school community, including visitors. The centre is staffed by qualified nurses 24 hours a day during term time. We also have a medical centre assistant who works from 8.30 am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday, part of her role being to take pupils to medical appointments outside school. We also have a house keeper who works from 8am to 1pm Monday to Friday.

Medical CentreMedical Centre staff

All boarders are registered with St James Medical Centre, a local practice in Taunton. The centre is well supported by the school doctors – Dr Yvonne Duthie and Dr Adrian Fulford. There is a doctor’s surgery every day except Sunday. Any pupil needing medical attention outside school surgery time will be taken to St James Medical Centre, the Out of Hours doctor or to Accident and Emergency – whichever is appropriate. The nurses also hold general surgeries three times a day.

Physiotherapy is available within the Medical Centre on Monday and Thursday afternoons. At present this is provided by Michael Dodds from Exeter Physio- Sports, Spinal and Rehabilitation Clinic. There is also a fully qualified counsellor available for appointments on a Monday and Wednesday afternoon.

For more information about Exeter Physio please click here.

The Medical Centre has eight beds for those pupils who are not well enough to stay in school or in their own boarding houses overnight. Resting beds are provided for pupils needing 'time out' during the day. Although the Medical Centre provides a confidential 'haven', we try to work closely with house parents and academic staff to ensure that the pupils' health and welfare needs are met.

Should you have any questions please call 01823 328130 and talk to the duty nurse, or email

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