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  • “Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas. ”
    - Albert Einstein
Why Study Mathematics?

Why Study Mathematics?

The department is situated at the heart of King's, occupying classrooms along the main corridor. Pupils arriving in Third Form follow an integrated three-year course that covers work required for the GCSE and beyond.

A level maths is an extremely popular choice at King's. Numbers taking further maths have increased dramatically, while The Jacobians (the long established Sixth Form Maths Society) meets regularly to discuss areas of the subject far beyond the confines of the usual curriculum. In recent years we have had visits to external lectures in Bristol, Plymouth, Glamorgan and Exeter, as well as attending a talk at the Royal Society in London.

Our 'Maths Clinic' is held two lunchtimes a week, when staff and Sixth Form pupils are on hand to give extra individual help. Over a hundred pupils enter the UK Intermediate and/or Senior Maths Challenge each year, which leads to the UK Maths Olympiads and Team Maths Challenges.

  • “Pupils develop a high level of competency, knowledge and ability in mathematics. Teachers have high expectations of pupils from Year 9 onwards and these younger pupils are already working successfully on concepts at the higher level of GCSE.”
    - ISI Inspection Report 2018
The Only Subject That Counts...

The Only Subject That Counts...

The Jacobians is King’s oldest society and is open to all Sixth Form mathematicians. There are meetings every two to three weeks, with the final meeting of each term traditionally being a pizza evening.

Meetings could take the form of a short talk, activity or presentation, a puzzle evening, pub quiz or a mathematically-themed theatre trip. Recent meetings have also included talks entitled Maths BC, Cryptic Puzzles, and The sky’s the limit.

Andrew Perrins
Head of Maths

Andrew Perrins was previously Head of the Mathematics and Economics Faculty at the Mulberry School for Girls in London. Educated at Ashville College in Harrogate, he then went on to study a MMath degree at Oxford.

Meg Menheneott
Maths Teacher (Second in Department)

Meg graduated from Newcastle University with a BSc in Statistics. She has worked at King's since 2011 teaching Mathematics. Meg is the Sixth Form Events Coordinator and coaches netball and tennis.

Gerd Wrobel
Maths Teacher

Gerd was born, raised and educated in Germany. He holds a degree in maths and physics and, after completing a PGCE, has been working in England since the late 90s. He moved to King's in 2006 and has a son and daughter currently at King's Hall School.

Ruth Streeter
Part-Time Maths Teacher

Ruth works part-time, having joined King's from Taunton School.

Steward Henderson
Maths Teacher

Stewart joined the department in 2014. After reading Maths at Exeter, he taught in Worcestershire before becoming a Head of Maths locally. His four children have finished university; two studied mathematics.

Tristan Stone
Maths Teacher

Tristan joined King's in 2017. Before King's Tristan worked at Epsom College as a teacher of maths, and most recently, was housemaster of a boys' boarding house. Tristan was educated at Queen Elizabeth's Hospital School.

Wendy Grant
Maths Teacher

Prior to joining King's, Wendy was the Head of Maths at Trinity School, Teignmouth

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