A gift of any size will make a real difference to the school's future, and donors can be appropriately recognised and appreciated now for their bequest through membership of the 'Old Pelicans' Society. The 'Old Pelicans' is a new initiative and is open to all former pupils who make a legacy gift to the school. If you wish to be recognised then you would be invited to the Annual Benefactors and Patrons service at school followed by lunch or dinner. Although the legacy programme at King's is in its infancy, we have had many kind gifts in the past and would wish to acknowledge the generosity of our Patrons.

If you have an interest in music at King's, a scholarship or bursary for choral pupils may be appropriate. There is the possibility of naming the scholarship or bursary after you, if you wish. Other options are a donation to improve the school's facilities, or purchase new equipment. Legacies are free of inheritance tax and King's College is a Registered Charity - Charity Number 1103346.

Old Pelicans Society

David Stott 230114

David Stott - Chairman
020 8748 5393

To honour those who have helped in the past, and in recognition of those who have existing legacy bequests to King's in their Wills, the school has established an exclusive Society, known as the Old Pelicans Society, commemorating the founding of King's College.

Individuals who inform King's of their intention to make a bequest to the school automatically become members of the society. Members' names will not be published if anonymity is requested, given that this is often a personal issue. However, in order to recognise and thank members appropriately, they will be invited to an annual dinner hosted by the Chairman of the Foundation, the Headmaster and the Chairman of Governors. In this way, members who so wish will be kept informed of the school's development plans and intentions for the future. It is hoped that supporters will wish to become a member of this important and worthy society.

Please click here to download the King's College legacy leaflet.

Naming Opportunities

The Development Director would be delighted to discuss the many opportunities for donors to sponsor projects bearing their names. Such areas involved might be scholarships, sporting facilities, buildings and even individual rooms.

All donors

All donors, whatever the amount of their gift, are written to and thanked personally by the Headmaster. All donors are valued and treated with respect, and many build rewarding relationships with members of the Foundation and the school. Christmas cards are another way in which the Foundation continues its stewardship of its donors, and school events calendars are always provided, upon request.
Your solicitor is the best person to advise on a legacy and will be able to help you decide if one of the following would be right for you:

Pecuniary Legacy

A pecuniary legacy is the gift of a specified sum of money. The value of this can decrease over time due to increases in the cost of living and inflation, however your legal adviser will be able to advise you on how to maintain the value of this type of gift.

Residuary Legacy

Giving through a residuary legacy allows you to bequeath a percentage or fraction of the residue of your Estate to the school after your specific bequests have been made.

Reversionary Legacy

This method enables you to provide for your family first and then to the school. It involves placing your Estate in trust so that named beneficiaries would be entitled to the income during their lifetime. After the death of the named beneficiaries, you could provide for the whole, or for a percentage, of the capital to pass to the school.

Specific Legacy

You can leave specific personal possessions to the school such as property, stocks and shares, works of art, antiques etc. This can be an attractive option where the asset has appreciated in value over the years and a lifetime sale would attract a high Capital Gains Tax liability.


If you have any questions, or require more information, please call for a confidential discussion with Julian Mack on 01823 328238 or email jjmack@kings-taunton.co.uk

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