"But nobody actually speaks Latin, so why do we have to learn it?"

This is the most common question asked by those beginning to learn Latin. There is a multitude of reasons why the study of Latin is important - this quote, reputedly taken from a classroom blackboard in 1998, sums up my usual response:

"Latin is the first subject we do in life entirely for its own sake. A degree at university in Classics leads to almost any job in the world. It gives one a disinterestedness in the study of any subject. Disinterestedness is NOT being uninterested. Quite the opposite: it is a love of studying without any practical result intended - and it gives the soul a peace, an inner control, a quiet joy beyond words."

Through reading fantastic stories, which have graced the screenplay of many a Hollywood blockbuster, students of Latin are able to develop an understanding of grammar, literary style, politics, philosophy, and the discipline of a logical approach to textual analysis.

  • When studying Latin at King's
  • Pupils learn to achieve fluency in reading the Latin Language
  • We visit sites and museums both within the UK and Europe

Lecturers from Universities such as Oxford and Exeter often visit to speak on a wide range of topics related to the Ancient World.

Latin 1a

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