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13 March 2017

What's the Matter?

A Physical Comedy About Physics by The Last Baguette Theatre Company

Thursday 16 March 7.30pm / King’s College Theatre


Theatre company The Last Baguette are bringing science to life with their entertaining comedy What's the Matter?, touring the UK this spring and summer.

A physical comedy about physics, What's the Matter? is performed by two actors and an overhead projector with original artwork, and appeals to scientists and non-scientists of all ages. Be prepared for a very silly show about a very important subject.

“I am fascinated by physics” says actor Tristan Green “There are so many exciting developments happening in the subject at the moment. I think it’s really important that physics is seen as fun and interesting.”

This sci-fi adventure is written by award-winning playwright Tiffany Woodsmith (Sunday Times award-winning playwright), and was developed with Dr Helen Heath from the University of Bristol. An unexplained cat theft from a lab leads scientist Smithy on a journey through his own experiment into the subatomic world. Can he find the cat and win over his colleague Sarah in the process?

As seen at the British Science Festival, this comedy about the strange and wonderful world of quantum physics features silly songs, dancing particles, scientific slapstick, and a search for Schrodinger’s cat.

The Last Baguette Theatre Company is a group of international theatre performers who met while studying in Paris in 2009 at the renowned Jaques Lecoq school of mime and the infamous Philippe Gaulier clown school. They make fast-paced, irreverent comedy theatre.

“We were students from eight different countries who knew we wanted to make comedy together. We are inspired by Monty Python, Buster Keyton and vintage science fiction” says Tristan. After performing in Europe and North America the Last Baguette are now company-in-residence at Pound Arts in Corsham. He continues: “Making a show about science was very important for me. I love the idea of art and science being two sides of the same coin, and that the show embraces both comedy and science.”

What’s the Matter? has been performed all over the UK in theatres, festivals, museums and colleges.

“A really great fun show that was enjoyed by lovers of science and comedy in equal measure... we were transported to the best of Edinburgh Fringe”

Tracy Sullivan – Director, Trowbridge Arts

Running time: 1 hour 10 minutes

Age guidance: 8+


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