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18 July 2017

Third Form Latin Trip to Caerleon

In early June, 20 Third Form Latin pupils travelled to Caerleon in Wales to visit the National Roman Legion Museum and the archaeological remains.

Stepping back in time to explore life in the far-flung outpost of the mighty Roman Empire, pupils were met by a "Roman Legionary" who acted as their guide, showing them around the amphitheatre and the excavated remains of the fortress.

Wales was the furthest outpost of the Roman Empire. The fortress at Caerleon was built in AD 75 – a fort that would guard the region for over 200 years. Each year King’s visits the fort to enable pupils studying Latin to gain a first-hand insight into the life of the legion. The full-sized barrack room gives them the opportunity to try on replica armour and to experience life as a Roman soldier – pupils were later drilled in some Roman Army exercises!

The trip included a visit to the Roman baths, and the amphitheatre – the most complete one in Britain – before looking at some of the archaeological finds in the museum.

Mrs Duckham kindly filmed some of the day’s events:

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