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10 May 2017

Ten Tors 2017

Over the weekend three teams comprising eighteen students from King's College CCF participated in the gruelling Ten Tors Challenge on Dartmoor.

The Ten Tors is the largest event of its kind in the British Isles, presenting a challenging and rewarding opportunity for teenagers to test themselves against the rigours of Dartmoor over significant distances. The teams are entirely self-supporting over the two days, although their progress and health are carefully monitored at checkpoints manned by army personnel, for whom this is a valuable exercise in management and communication. Completing the challenges takes determination and bravery, along with exceptional fitness and advanced navigation skills. The dedication of the adult team managers and supporters, who bring their own experience and love of adventure to new generations, is also a key element in the success of the event.

This year’s event fielded just under 2400 teenagers, with teams walking over distances of 35, 45 and 55 miles respectively.

At 7am on Saturday morning our three teams set off to the sound of artillery gunfire and a helicopter flypast, as is the tradition of the Ten Tors Challenge.

During the following 36-hour period, the weather was thankfully very kind, and our teams made swift progress. Just after midday on Sunday the 35-mile team crossed the finish line followed minutes later by the 45-mile team – despite physical exhaustion there were huge smiles all round. Finally, just before 4pm, our 55-mile team appeared over the horizon, making it in at exactly 4:20pm.

Thankfully the physical wounds were very few, apart from the odd blister and missing toenail. Most were simply 'shattered' and several have since proclaimed 'never again'. However, this sentiment is nearly always expressed, and given time they will be hungry for more.

All teams involved should be commended for the effort and hard work they have put into this challenge since January this year, and we are now looking ahead to next year's event.

Commenting on the event, Headmaster Richard Biggs said:

“As Headmaster I could not have been prouder of the 18 boys and girls who completed the Challenge. They showed the spirit and cheerfulness, the guts and determination which I have come to associate with this school. I think the Ten Tors is a wonderful event as it allows young people to push themselves far beyond what they might have thought possible. It is certainly life changing; long may it continue!”


35-mile: 45-mile: 55-mile:
Tilly Maybery Gemma Bulbulian Sam Stickland
Phoebe Cooper-Simpson Jack Mead Tom Maybery
Joe Messenger Lottie Cannons Ed Coombs
Daniel Potter Freya Weissler Sam Everard
Lucy MacGillivray Dan Bernado Charlie Agbo
Milo Blakey Toby Stone Hugo Campbell-Smith
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