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4 July 2016

Sports Hub Challenges

What a day!

Our King’s College Sports Hub Appeal Challenges are complete. We collectively swam the Channel*, climbed Ben Nevis* and enjoyed a fabulous and fun 5K colour run.

Staff kicked things off in the pool early on Thursday morning, racking up a good number of lengths between them. Pupil Ben Atal completed the 5k individual medley, the first person (at King’s) in ten years to do so. His epic swim, which contributed to our ‘swim across the Channel’ consisted of 50 lengths each of front butterfly, backstroke, breast-stroke and crawl. This was no mean feat for the L6th pupil and we congratulate him wholeheartedly and thank him for his contribution to the Sport Hub Appeal Challenge Day.

Garth Pedler OA joined in and, at the age of 70, managed an impressive 70 lengths before scaling the climbing wall later in the day.

In total, 40.38 miles were swum, taking us across the Channel…and part way home again!

From mid-morning pupils and staff began their ascent(s) of our climbing wall, each climb moving us closer to our target of ‘climbing’ Ben Nevis.

Early indications showed we were going to exceed the height by some margin, and in fact we ended up with a total of 208 ascents of the 8m wall, meaning we actually ‘climbed’ Mount Kronenberg in Switzerland (1643m).

Our final event was the 5K colour run, which saw huge numbers of pupils, parents, staff and friends joining in.

The loud music courtesy of DJs Lorcan Cudlip-Cook and Rudi Smith set the tone, and motivational fitness instructor, Tori Taylor gotthe runnerslimbered up – with much laughter – and ready for the off.

Lucy MacAlister, our Head of Biology, led the field, but wasn’t quick enough to avoid the attack of the many coloured powder clouds that dotted the route to the finish.

Staff and pupils crossed the line in a multi-coloured array, with smiles and a sense of achievement.

The first male and female members of staff to cross the finish were Lucy MacAlister (18:11) and Will MacKenzie-Green (19:45), followed by pupils Sam Wyatt (22:33) and Ellie Clist (26:40).

Our Development Team would like to thank the whole school for their support and participation in this fantastic event.

*height/distance equivalents.

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