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26 September 2017

Somerset Art Weeks – Venue 78 – Anna Morris

King’s College is delighted to have been chosen as a venue as part of the Somerset Art Weeks 2017 Festival. The school is even more delighted to be exhibiting the work of its newest art teacher, Anna Simpson, who is taking part in the event, showcasing her work in one of the Art Department galleries.

Known in the art world as Anna Morris, she moved recently to Somerset from Oxford to take up her post at King’s and the move has had a profound effect on her work.

Her work explores the transformative effect of light on surface, land and sea and the mixed media paintings that will be on show reflect Anna’s responses to her new environment.

The artist said: “I’m delighted to be exhibiting as part of Somerset Art Weeks, and it’s made even better by the fact that my exhibition will be held here at King’s.

In my work I aim to evoke the experience of visual phenomena – of atmospheric light and luminosity – whilst drawing attention to their making, their edges and the physical properties of weight, volume, materials and processes.”

Anna Morris’ work can be seen at Venue 78 – the Art School at King’s College, South Road, Taunton, TA1 3LA.

A private viewing of Anna's work will be taking place on Wednesday 27 September at 6.30pm.

The exhibition is open between 11am and 6pm on 28, 29 and 30 September, and 5, 6 and 7 October.

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