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18 March 2016


Last Friday night the school was transformed as our drama scholars put on an evening of immersive theatre around the school, performing extracts from Shakespeare to commemorate the 400th anniversary of his death.

The evening was led by Tori Greenland (Mr Ganymede) and James Clark (Mrs Goodfellow) – they represented the teachers – while the pupils performed in various scenes from Shakespeare's plays in different locations around the school grounds. Guided by candlelight, the audience were treated to an evening of theatre and musical performance with canapés and drinks along the way.

After a delicious supper and live music in Woodard Room, the evening finished with a quiz, providing the audience with the opportunity to test their knowledge of the Bard, his plays and the evening’s performances.

The evening proved a huge success and was enjoyed by all who attended.The scholars should feel immensely proud of their achievement.

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