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23 November 2016

Poetry Recitation Competition

On Wednesday morning the school chapel was full, not for the usual Eucharist, but for the final of the 2016 Poetry Recitation Competition. Sponsored by the Joan Sewell Bequest Fund, prizes had already been awarded to runners up in each year group, and the winners from each competition came to deliver their poems from memory, in front of the whole school. The poems, chosen by those reciting them, demonstrated a variety of tones and styles, demanding a great deal from those delivering them.

Fourth Former Ben James began confidently with T S Eliot’s Preludes: a series of dark sketches of metropolitan life. Third Former Eleanor Clark gave a moving account of Edward Thomas’s philosophical and conversational As the Team’s Head Brass, and Fifth Former Henry Adcock, an aptly rumbustious delivery of Tennyson’s Charge of the Light Brigade. In the interval, Amelia Banton and Will Rumball entertained with their entries, the latter much to the delight of any Eminem fans! Will’s ‘version’ of Lose Yourself can be seen on our Facebook and YouTube pages.

The judging panel, chaired by actor Michael Smith, co-founder of the Exeter-based Paddleboat Theatre Company, and an associate director at the Northcott, adjudicated the overall prize winners. Runner-up was Lower Sixth pupil Charly Beak, who recited her own poem Mahali Ya Matwana, or Place of the Slaves, about a deserted former slaving port near her home in Kenya, and overall winner was Will Cashmore, who delivered T S Eliot’s The Hollow Men with an impressive sense of vocal interpretation and control. Congratulations are due to all who took part, in the year-group rounds and especially in the final.

To see the poetry recitation in full please click here.

Click here to see photos from the competition.

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