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19 September 2017

Pitt Rivers Museum Inspires Our Art Pupils

To kick-start new ideas for their project work, 41 pupils from our Fourth Form and Lower Sixth set off for historic Oxford to visit the Pitt Rivers and the Natural History Museums, where they would complete some first-hand research.

The Pitt Rivers Museum houses an amazing, far-ranging collection of objects from many cultures past and present. It was founded in 1884 by Augustus Pitt- Rivers, an influential figure in the development of archaeology and anthropology who gave his collection of more than 20,000 objects to the University of Oxford.

The visit provided the perfect drawing opportunity for our Lower Sixth artists, whose theme this term is ‘Collected, Contained, Confined’. For our photographers, the challenge was learning to shoot in a dark space with many reflective surfaces and without the use of a tripod.

The interesting selection of textiles and clothing from around the world was the perfect inspiration for our Fourth Form textile group who are studying ‘Global Patterns’.

The shrunken heads, skulls, armour and dinosaur bones were particularly appealing and the pupils completed some fantastic observational work in their sketchbooks.

With so much to see in a such a short space of time, the pupils had to work hard to gather as much research as possible. Now back in the classroom we will wait to see how the museum’s exhibits inspired the pupils with their project ‘Combination and Transformations’.

Keep an eye out for our Instagram page to see some of their creations:

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