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29 July 2017

Nolli Waterman Returns to King's as Part of a Sky Living for Sport Programme

Towards the end of term England rugby union player Danielle (“Nolli”) Waterman came to King's as part of the Sky Living for Sport Programme to help a group of girls set up a school project.

Danielle had visited the school earlier in the year to help the girls decide on ideas for their project. The girls wanted to run a project in conjunction with the refurbishment of the gym, aiming to increase the girls’ awareness of strength and conditioning and the benefits it can have for health and performance.

Growing up in Minehead, Danielle spoke about her career and the barriers she has faced as a woman in sport. She is now a full-time rugby player and has just been selected for the Rugby World Cup which will be held in Ireland in August. She explained to the girls how much the sport has changed for girls and women, saying it was a very exciting time for women's sport. With so many more opportunities out there, she encouraged the girls to follow their dreams, to break down barriers and not to be afraid to be the first person to do something.

Focusing on the project, Danielle then talked to the girls about the benefits of strength and conditioning and how easy it can be to fit into their daily routine. The girls enjoyed trying some of the exercises and found the session inspiring. The project will continue in the next academic year, when Danielle will aim to visit again after the school gym has been refurnished to see how the girls are getting on.

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