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1 September 2016

New Bishop Fox Common Room

King's is excited to reveal images of the new Bishop Fox Common Room. Although awaiting some decorative flourishes, the space is a fabulous addition to this boys' house.

Bishop Fox is the largest boys' boarding house at King’s, both in terms of pupil numbers and its physical footprint. The house actually stretches across three buildings and though it has always been much loved by the pupils for its 'rambling' size and many secret staircases, one thing it has always lacked is a central gathering and social space to accommodate everybody together.

The 2016 Michaelmas Term will witness the formal opening of this new building led by our Director of Operations, Alan Prosser.

The new common room sits right at the heart of the house within the large open courtyard. Whilst modern in comparison to the house's existing buildings, this is no utilitarian ‘empty’ space. It is a striking and interesting building in its own right, incorporating a singular diagonal roof that rises to a focal point and is clad in timber to give a Scandinavian feel.

Inside is a huge area, with pine beams and high ceilings that give a sense of light and air – this will house the 75+ Bishop Fox boys,. There are a wide array of sofas and bean bags to seat everyone with no fewer than two huge tv screens and Playstation 4s – ensuring there will never be a dull moment! A small kitchenette sits to one side complementing the project and providing an area the boys can use to make refreshments.

As a bonus of the new common room, two of the old common rooms have been converted into generous sized dormitories to provide more accommodation and space for the pupils to live in.

Commenting on the new building, Bishop Fox Housemaster Alastair Wood said: " I am absolutely delighted with this addition to the boarding house. The pupils arriving back this term have a great deal to look forward to and enjoy. The build was delivered on time and within budget. We'd like to thank Qube Construction for their work on this project, ensuring it was ready for the start of the new school year."

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