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9 May 2017

Meynell House Silent Disco

Last weekend our Lower Sixth Meynell girls organised another Silent Disco, this time in aid of the British Heart Foundation.

The sports hall was suitably decorated with balloons, beanbags, and balls filled with fluorescent bands to create something reminiscent of a party in the 1980s.

Essentially a ‘normal’ disco, a silent disco is just that – silent. Instead of the music playing out loud, everyone has a pair of wireless headphones through which the music is played. However, there are three channels, meaning that people will be listening to different songs at the same time.

So, with headphones on, our pupils danced away, quite literally, to their own tune. To an observer, a disco of this nature does look odd; no sound, just a vision of manic dance moves, some people ‘lost in music’ with others preferring more sedate movements. Despite the differences in musical taste, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.

Meynell, delighted with the support they received from across the school, have raised £700 for their charity.

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