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1 March 2016

MEP Daniel Hannan Visits King's

King’s welcomed MEP Daniel Hannan to school on Friday to talk about why he feels the UK should leave the EU.

Addressing the whole school during assembly, Daniel gave an engaging talk, arguing for a stronger and more prosperous UK outside the EU, considering the benefits of leaving, and the concerns associated with staying.

Politician, journalist and author, Daniel was elected to the European Parliament at the 1999 election.

Daniel’s father attended Kings during the 1930s, but left early to return to his family in South America at the outbreak of the Second World War.

Before his departure, Daniel went on a tour of the school and visited the Archives with Head of Sixth Form, Oliver Ridley. Our Archivist, Alison Mason, had prepared some photos and documents for Daniel to look through, including a record of an election that his father had won during his time at Kings.

To maintain a balanced perspective the school will soon be presented with the case for the UK to stay in the EU, following which we will hold a school debate and referendum to encourage our pupils to explore the topic in more depth.

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