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16 September 2016

Memory Workshop for our Lower Sixth

Last Wednesday David Thomas, a Guinness World Record holder for reciting 22500 digits of pi, gave a two-hour seminar to our Lower Sixth Form pupils.

David is an expert in memory and personal development. After buying a book on memory 18 years ago, he is now considered one of the leading speakers in the field of memory.

His credentials are unquestionable. David has a wide range of clients, from Olympic athletes to government officials, and has even made an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show in Chicago.

During his engaging seminar, David was able to offer some invaluable advice about motivation and responsibility. Pupils learned how to use mind-maps as a revision tool and were taught ‘The Journey’ method to help retain information. They also took part in a practical activity that made use of their newly-acquired memory skills. David was thoroughly impressed with the interest and enthusiasm shown by our Lower Sixth Formers.

The event ended with a formal dinner, where pupils were able to reflect on what they had learned with their peers and teachers.

Commenting on this event, Sixth Form Events Co-ordinator Meg Menhenneott said:

"It was an exciting and engaging way to kick start the school year for our Lower Sixth pupils. They all threw themselves into the tasks and took away some useful points from the workshop. It was also an excellent ice breaker for the new boys and girls who have just joined the King’s Sixth Form."

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