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25 February 2016

Local Cricket Success for our Girls

At the end of January the U15 girls’ cricket team played their first round of the Lady Taverners Indoor Competition against Castle School and Taunton School.

Castle vs Taunton was the first match, giving us ample opportunity to check out our competitors.

We were up next against Castle. They batted first hitting a good total. It was a close match but we managed to secure the win.

Next up was Taunton, a good side with a number of strong players. They batted first and set a high score, meaning it all came down to the final ball of the final over. We needed six runs to win and five to draw. We managed to find the back wall giving us one run, while Molly Vellacott and Emily Knill gained us another two for completing a run, switching end. Taunton threw an overthrow and we gained another two runs, equalling the score.

The match ended with a bowl-off, like penalty shuffles in hockey. Four players from each team had two balls each, and whichever team hit the stumps the most times would win the match. Molly Vellacott managed to secure the win in the first and second rounds, taking a wicket in the first and hitting the stumps in the second.

We won the match and are through to the next round of the competition!

Commenting on our success, Head of PE and Girls’ games Sara Similien said:

“This is the first time we have played in an indoor competition so the girls learnt a lot over the two games. Girls’ cricket is a developing sport at King’s. Each year we have more girls playing and they are making fantastic progress.”

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