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10 June 2016

Latin Trip to Caerleon

Twenty-six Third Form pupils travelled to South Wales recently, to visit the Roman Legionary Fortress and Museum at Caerleon.

To learn more about the Roman occupation of Britain in the first- and second-century AD, our day was facilitated by Roman soldiers*, who explained what life was like for them. Our pupils particularly enjoyed the visit to the re-created barracks where they spent time trying on armour, and being drilled as Roman soldiers in the amphitheatre. This amazing space could seat a whole legion (up to six thousand spectators) and is nowadays used for open-air events and re-enactments.

Our pupils also listened to an interesting and insightful talk on Roman medicine and visited the bath house which, in Roman times, was a state-of-the-art leisure complex. With changing rooms, a series of cold and warm baths, covered exercise rooms and an open-air swimming pool, Roman Britain’s idea of a leisure facility sounded more like the offerings from a modern-day gym complex.

Caerleon provided us with a vivid picture of life in second-century Roman Britain. The National Roman Legion Museum houses a superb display of artefacts found in the region, and to assist with our Latin vocabulary and pronunciation, the museum allowed us to examine artefacts such as swords, jewellery and gravestones – giving our pupils the chance to practise their Latin translation.

*fabulous actors dressed in authentic Roman costume!

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